MiniDLNA is a fully complient uPnP (Universal Plug and Play) digital media server, which allows you to stream video and audio, and to access pictures, from your NASpberry Pi over your network from any uPnP complient renderer. Here is a list of uPnP clients. The video on the right will walk you through the steps of this tutorial.

Installing MiniDLNA:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install minidlna

Open /etc/minidlna.conf in your favorite text editor, as superuser:

sudo vi /etc/minidlna.conf

Tell MiniDLNA where to look for your media:


Set the name for our media server that will show up on clients:

friendly_name=[Your Name Here] Media Device

Download a video to make sure it works:

mkdir /home/pi/media
cd /home/pi/media

Restart the MiniDLNA service:

sudo service minidlna restart

Now you should be able to connect to your server from a uPNP client on the same network as your NASpberry Pi, and you should be able to stream the test video and music.

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